• Penjana Kerjaya 2.0


    An improvement from the previous Recruitment Incentive Program.

    Applications for Penjana Kerjaya 2.0 opens on January 1, 2021.

    Incentive Training application opens until 31 December 2021

    but for the new Incentive Training application, please click here.

    The Malaysian government announced a Hiring Incentive Program (Penjana Kerjaya 2.0) which is an economic recovery initiative under the Ministry of Human Resources, administered by Social Security Organisation’s (Socso) Employment Services to promote job employability among employers while increasing their employment prospects.

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    (Starting date for application 1 January 2021: 

    Closing date for application – 30 June 2021)

    Organizations are highly encouraged to take advantage of these incentives provided by the government to kick-start their IR 4.0 and digitalization journey while gearing up for the MCO and post-MCO economic uncertainties.


    * Eligible candidates can claim these certifications for FREE.

  • Who are NOT ELIGIBLE for PenjanaKerjaya 2.0?

    • Private employment agencies or service outsourcing contractors that conduct placements on behalf of other enterprises i.e. they are not direct employers; 

    • Public sector employers, federal and state statutory bodies, statutory bodies with segregated remuneration schemes, local authorities (PBT), embassies, and the self-employed. 

    Which employees are NOT ELIGIBLE for PenjanaKerjaya 2.0 incentives?

    • Employees who received or are still receiving benefits under PenjanaKerjaya 1.0, except for apprentices under PenjanaKerjaya 1.0 who were subsequently hired on a permanent / contract basis under PenjanaKerjaya 2.0.

    • Parents, spouses, siblings, or children employed as employees. Non-Malaysian citizen employees.

    • Employees who received or are still receiving benefits under the Wage Subsidy Programme (PSU).

    • Practical students who have not yet graduated yet.

    • Non-Malaysian citizen employees.

    What are the documents required in the application?

    • Employer’s bank account information (copy of the front page of the Bank Statement with employer’s name, bank account number, and bank’s name)

    • Employer’s business registration number verified by the bank (Business Registration Number – BRN).

    • Employee Verification Form signed by the employee.

    • Employee’s bank account information (copy of the front page of the Bank Statement with employee’s name, bank account number, identity card number, and bank’s name)

    • Certificate / Self-declaration by the employer if the employee belongs to the vulnerable group (listed in the table below)

    • Contract of service for the new employee(s) (a copy must be kept as proof)


    The previously implemented PenjanaKerjaya 1.0 program has ended on 20 December 2020. Employers who hire employees from 21 December 2020 are eligible to apply for incentives under PenjanaKerjaya 2.0 in accordance with the eligibility requirements set and guided by the Guidelines.


    Payments for PenjanaKerjaya 1.0 incentive applications submitted by employers before 20 December 2020 will be processed and paid until completion according to the rates set under PenjanaKerjaya 1.0.

  • Key Benefit

    • The Social Security Organisation (SOCSO) will reward employers with RM4,000 to RM6,000 for every employee they recruited.

    • It will also provide additional incentives with the likes of training programs and mobility assistance.

  • Penjana Kerjaya 2.0 Incentives and Requirements

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  • How To Apply

    Penjana Kerjaya 2.0


    Publish Vacancy.


    Vacancy Application.




    Penjana Kerjaya 2.0.




    Attend Training.

  • When is the deadline for PenjanaKerjaya 2.0 application?

    • The deadline for the application is 30 June 2021.

    • If employers submit their applications on 30 June 2021, they will be paid until December 2021. Under the Apprenticeship Programme, the employers will be paid until September 2021.