• We are at our very best, and we are happiest, when we are fully engaged in work we enjoy on the journey toward the goal we've established for ourselves.

    Earl Nightingale

  • 2008

    Mindtrac was incorporated in 2008 by our founder and CEO, Gene Kok. Gene found that even though he has a first class degree in Electronics and Electrical Engineering, he lacked the actual skills and competencies to excel in his career. He wished that there are experienced mentors and industry leaders who could guide him to a successful career. This gave him the idea to start Mindtrac Consulting.


    Ensuring the success of this vision, Mindtrac took the first step and got recognized as an HRDF Registered Training Provider in 2009.


    In the same year, Mindtrac secured partnership with the foremost authority in the semiconductor industry, Mindshare Inc to bring industry leaders and experts to the shore of Malaysia.


    Mindtrac moved forward leaps and bounds in 2010 when we conducted ‘Leading Bold Change : Our Iceberg Is Melting’, a licenced program by Kotter International. The program has since been renamed ‘Change Essentials’.


    Mindtrac added two more licenced programs to its forte when we conducted De Bono’s certified courses, ‘Lateral Thinking’ and ‘Six Thinking Hats’.


    Another licence program, ‘Leading Positive Performance’, a Happiness Advantage course by Shawn Achor was first conducted in 2014.


    Mindtrac introduced a groundbreaking program in Malaysia by conducting the 1st Gamified Learning Simulation with Virtual Reality.

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