Gamified Leadership Simulation

  • What is EVOLVE?


    Learning comes through post reflective questions - based on the observations made during the game play and skills pass-down that can be directly applied to the game to test their mastery.


    Evolve is a multiplayer leadership development game designed to challenge leadership ability to handle VUCA through collaborative management strategies.


    The game evolves with its protagonists and presents tougher challengers as it progresses.


    Evolve simulates a scenario and uses game mechanics to trigger natural responses to situations.


    The entire game-play is dependent on the decisions made by the team which has the potential of impacting the way in which the entire game unfolds.

  • The 1st game based learning using Virtual Reality in Malaysia

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    Game Based / Immersive Learning

    The reflection session based on behaviors observed helps you to explore how you see yourself and how others & the world perceive you. This whole process not only help uncover the blind spots but also lead to a realization triggered from an inside out perspective.

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    Uses the latest VR technology

    Game mechanics that employs Virtual Reality to engage and immerse the audience into the storyline. Participants have full control of the resource management device, the strategy, coordination, team formation, and execution towards achieving the goal to Evolve.

  • Victor Toma, PMO, Motorola Solutions

    “I have gone through a lot of these kinds of training in the past and I have to say that this was one of the most put together experiences that we had. I felt that the game was very well designed there were a lot of realistic scenarios built in and lots of them we didn’t think until we were passed the critical point when we realised that it was actually a very clear relationship with the reality”

    Madhavi B, Head Internal Communications, Standard Chartered

    “Traditionally, in any learning participants are prone to putting their best front forward and being a version of themselves that is perfected for social and professional settings. This format of learning is game changing as it brings to fore the true personality of participants – offering themselves a chance to see themselves as they naturally are – a very important step in learning to evolve. I consider Evolve an enabler more than a training module”

    Aravind G, Program Manager, Motorola Solutions

    “Evolve can be used as a strategy tool for any industry… it cuts horizontally across all verticals. It is a program to think strategically and in every single vertical of business there is a component of strategy, so it can be used by many industries”

    Datuk W Fusil, Chairman & CEO, Mesiniaga

    From perspective of team building, I think this is one of the best team building session that I've ever attended. It is almost real life to touch everything that we do every day in the office. At the beginning, I was a bit skeptical about the game but as we proceeded, I realized that whatever we learn from the game, could be used to practice in our daily life. I would certainly recommend this to other leaders.

  • Customizable Modules

    DISC Profiling

    4 Disciplines of Execution

    Critical, Analytical & Strategic Thinking

    Leading & Embracing Change

    Johari Window

    Ladder of Accountability

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  • The Trainer

    "Let us be daring to imagine the possibilities."

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    Gene Kok is a specialist in helping organizations of various sizes including Fortune 500 companies to thrive through volatility, uncertainty and complexity of change. Since 2008, he has trained, coach and consulted with thousands of professionals to develop their Head, Hands and Heart of Change.

    Gene is passionate that leaders must equip themselves with an effective thinking system to manage complexity and make sense of the complex environment quickly to identify innovative opportunities and creatively solve problems.


    In the midst of complexity, confusion and blind spots are rampant, leaders need to have a thinking system that is purposeful, process driven and equipped with the precise tool to clear the confusion, arrive at conclusion effectively and decide quickly. As they say, if you have only a hammer, you’ll see all your problems as a nail.


    He integrates research proven principles from bestselling authors & researchers with real world implementation and consulting experiences. He believes that Positive Change can be fruitful and seamless when it’s embedded with the right Mindset and structure to make the change the path of least resistance. While change can be complex, it not necessarily has to be chaotic.

    He is a certified instructor for :

    • Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats
    • Edward de Bono’s Lateral Thinking
    • Shawn Achor’s Leading Positive Performance (The Happiness Advantage)
    • Change Essentials (Our Iceberg is Melting) – by Harvard Prof John Kotter


    Before he ventured into training and consulting, Gene started his career as an engineer in 2002 with one of the biggest multinational computer chip manufacturer in the world, involved in design & testing, manufacturing and marketing, with accolades including having a patent accepted in the US in his 6 years in the industry.


    A first class degree graduate in Electronics and Electric Engineering, Gene has founded 2 companies, Mindtrac Consulting and Immersive Learning, as a vehicle for him to help organizations thrive and succeed through change – by developing the Head, Hands and Heart of Change