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    Leverage on government's PENJANA KERJAYA Hiring Incentives with Upskilling and Reskilling Program to ensure your talents can produce the business results you want.

    Key Benefits:

    • 40% - 60% salary incentives paid directly to employers that hire new employees.

    • Claim up to RM7,000.00 worth of relevant training per employee.

    • Application Timeline: 15 July 2021 until 31 December 2021.

    • Open for employees hired between 15 June 2021 until 31 December 2021.

  • Whether you are an employer or a job seeker, you may be eligible to receive benefits from this program.

    • Anyone who loses a job will get one-off RM500 cash aid.

    • A one-off RM500 cash aid will be given to those who have lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic – this scheme is expected to benefit approximately 1 million citizens based on EPF/SOCSO data.

    • Successful job applicants on the MyFutureJobs portal will get an allowance of Rm300.

    • The job seeker’s allowance will be extended to new graduates and those in informal sectors. Citizens who wish to apply can complete their registration on MYFutureJobs – successful applicants will receive an allowance of at least RM300. Register for a job seeker account on the MyFutureJobs portal here.

  • Eligibility criteria

    • The company has been contributing to Socso and EIS

    • Hiring full-time staff with 3-6 months contract period with salary minimum RM1,200.

    • Hiring fresh graduates with no prior work experience as an apprentice with a salary minimum RM1,200 with 3-6 months contract.

    • Others – subject to approval by Penjana Kerjaya 2.0 committee.

    For full eligibility and approval, kindly submit an application on the PenjanaKerjaya website or refer to Perkeso for full details.

    Is this program eligible for an existing employee?

    • PenjanaKerjaya 3.0: This program only applies to all new hires after 15 June 2021. Deadline: 31 December 2021.

    • PenjanaKerjaya 2.0: This program only applies to all new hires between 1 Jan 2021 until 30 June 2021. Deadline: 7 July 2021.

    • Refer to the briefing document for full details.

    • Please ensure that your new hire is registered with Perkeso ASSIST and myFutureJobs.

    • Consult your Human Resource Managers for full details on how to register for the Perkeso ASSIST system.

    Perkeso Assist Portal Login: https://assist.perkeso.gov.my/employer/login

    myFutureJobs portal Login: https://employers.myfuturejobs.gov.my/

  • Key Benefits: PENJANAKERJAYA 3.0




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  • Here are some of the key benefits of the PenjanaKerjaya program:

    40-60% salary incentives paid to employers for hire new staff.

    Claim up to RM7,000 of Training per employee.

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  • Key Benefits of the PenjanaKerjaya 3.0

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    Key Benefits of the PenjanaKerjaya 3.0

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  • Who is not eligible for this scheme?

    • Interns.

    • Temporary staff.

    • Part-time staff.

    • Contract staff less than 3 months.

    • Employees employed before 15 June 2021.

    • Contract hire under outsourcing agent.

    For full eligibility and approval, kindly submit an application on the PenjanaKerjaya website or refer to Perkeso for full details.

  • Step by Step Guide of Application for Organizations.

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  • If you need further guidance on the application process or need something?

    We'd love to hear from you. Click the button below.

  • How does the employer apply for the training program?

    Employers have to submit the training request through the PenjanaKerjaya portal for eligible employees. Socso will reimburse the training program fees to Mindtrac Consulting Sdn Bhd upon program completion.

    Apply for Training Program for New Hires here:

    Penjana Kerjaya Login: https://penjanakerjaya.perkeso.gov.my/index.php

  • Where should I register and claim for the incentive?

    Register your company under the PenjanaKerjaya Website and apply for your employee in the portal.

    Link: https://penjanakerjaya.perkeso.gov.my/index.php

    Ensure that your employees are also registered on myFutureJobs and Perkeso ASSIST Portal too.

  • How It Works

    How To Apply (For Employers with New Hires)
    employment starts after 15 June 2021


    Register Account on Three Platforms.


    myFutureJobs portal.

    Perkeso ASSIST portal.


    Prepare documents for submission.

    Upload the files required on the portal according to the requirements.


    Post Job Vacancy on myFutureJobs Portal.

    Login and post job on MyFutureJob portal as an employer.


    Apply for The Job Created on myFutureJobs Portal.

    Get your new hire from myFutureJobs.


    Submit Application on PenjanaKerjaya 3.0 Website.

    Visit Penjana Kerjaya 3.0 Website.

      Submit the forms and documents accordingly.


    Submit Training Request.

    Follow the steps to submit an application for Training for your employees.


    Approval & Attend Training.

    MINDTRAC will contact you for approved training. We will advise the upcoming course schedule for your employee to attend.

  • FAQ for PenjanaKerjaya 3.0 Hiring Incentive.

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  • myFutureJobs portal as an employer.

    Perkeso ASSIST portal as an employer.

    Perkeso contact details.

    PERKESO: 03-8091 5300 / 1-300-22-8000 or email penjanakerjaya@perkeso.gov.my
    Our Perkeso License Number: PERKESO.600-7/12/1