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    The Malaysia government under the Pelan Jana Semula Ekonomi Negara (PENJANA) / Short-Term Economic Recovery Plan announced the Hiring Incentive Program (Penjana Kerjaya) which is an economic recovery initiative under the Ministry of Human Resources, administered by Social Security Organization’s (Socso) Employment Services to promote job creation among employers while increasing employment prospect.


    The Hiring Incentive Programme, PenjanaKerjaya under the economic recovery plan (PENJANA) implemented by Social Security Organization (SOCSO/PERKESO) and aims at promoting job creation and increasing employment prospects.

  • Important features for Program Insentif Pengambilan Pekerja under PenjanaKerjaya.

    To encourage the hiring of employees by providing financial incentives to employers!

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  • The Application Guidelines as well as Terms and Conditions

    of PenjanaKerjaya have been issued to employers and are available on


    • As PenjanaKerjaya is expected to create more jobs, PERKESO urges all unemployed individuals including graduates and school leavers to register their profile on Perkeso's MyFutureJobs (www.myfuturejobs.gov.my) portal.

    • Employers requiring assistance on registration of vacancies or recruitment services may also tap on the services of our Employer Coordinators who are specifically in charge to assist employers with their recruitment needs.

    • Employers looking for candidates to fill vacancies in their companies may start registering their profile on 15 June 2020 via penjanakerjaya.perkeso.gov.my.

    • Upon hiring the employees under this program, employers are required to register these employees with SOCSO for their statutory SOCSO contribution obligations.

  • The Recruitment Incentive Program, PenjanaKerjaya, under the National Economic Regeneration Plan (PENJANA) announced by the YAB Prime Minister, will begin this Monday, 15 June 2020.

    Who is qualified to apply Penjana Kerjaya?

    • Employer has registered with Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM), Jabatan Pendaftaran Pertubuhan Malaysia (ROS)/ Pendaftaran Perniagaan (ROB)/ Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan (PBT) or others before 1 June 2020.

    • Employers need to register with PERKESO before 1 June 2020.

    Who is not qualified to apply Penjana Kerjaya?

    • Recruitment Agency or Outsourcing Company which supply workforce to principal and not the direct employer; and

    • Employees under the public sector, PBT, and those who are self-employed.

  • Registration Steps for Employers.




    Please register your company and newly hired employee.







    Please ensure that your company has registered and posted your vacancy on MYFutureJobs through   www.myfuturejobs.gov.my





    Training Program


    Training Program Application through penjanakerjaya.perkeso.gov.my







    List of approved courses under Trainocate Malaysia, click here.




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