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    "Let us be daring to imagine the possibilities."


    Gene Kok is a specialist in helping organizations of various sizes including Fortune 500 companies to thrive through volatility, uncertainty and complexity of change. Since 2008, he has trained, coach and consulted with thousands of professionals to develop their Head, Hands and Heart of Change.

    Gene is passionate that leaders must equip themselves with an effective thinking system to manage complexity and make sense of the complex environment quickly to identify innovative opportunities and creatively solve problems.


    In the midst of complexity, confusion and blind spots are rampant, leaders need to have a thinking system that is purposeful, process driven and equipped with the precise tool to clear the confusion, arrive at conclusion effectively and decide quickly. As they say, if you have only a hammer, you’ll see all your problems as a nail.


    He integrates research proven principles from bestselling authors & researchers with real world implementation and consulting experiences. He believes that Positive Change can be fruitful and seamless when it’s embedded with the right Mindset and structure to make the change the path of least resistance. While change can be complex, it not necessarily has to be chaotic.

    He is a certified instructor for :

    • Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats
    • Edward de Bono’s Lateral Thinking
    • Shawn Achor’s Leading Positive Performance (The Happiness Advantage)
    • Change Essentials (Our Iceberg is Melting) – by Harvard Prof John Kotter


    Before he ventured into training and consulting, Gene started his career as an engineer in 2002 with one of the biggest multinational computer chip manufacturer in the world, involved in design & testing, manufacturing and marketing, with accolades including having a patent accepted in the US in his 6 years in the industry.


    A first class degree graduate in Electronics and Electric Engineering, Gene has founded 2 companies, Mindtrac Consulting and Immersive Learning, as a vehicle for him to help organizations thrive and succeed through change – by developing the Head, Hands and Heart of Change

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