Learn to respond to your customer needs in a stress-free way


    Today, the business world is changing radically. We have entered an era of fierce competition - one in which truly satisfying, even delighting the customer is crucial not only to business success, but even to business survival.

    Exceptional customer service does not happen by talking about it. It happens by you doing it at every point of contact with the customer – in person, on the phone, in a letter through an email message.

    The workshop is designed to give you the information and needed to provide exceptional levels of service to your customers. In this workshop, we will focus on the attitudes, behaviours and skills essential to excellent customer service.

    You will learn to:

    • Discover your potential within and learn to unleash the ability to function effectively and efficiently.
    • Enhance your people skills to work in harmony with internal and external customers.
    • Discover the power of perception and learn to shift paradigm of thinking.  
    • Communicate effectively through better listening and questioning techniques.
    • Respond positively to any situation and resolve to a win-win solution.
    • Reduce your work stress and anxiety and learn to increase your self-confidence and enthusiasm at work.


      22th – 23th May, or

      29th – 30th May, or

      5th – 6th June